Approaching Judgment: The Path to Armageddon

Author: David A. Womack
            with L. Edward Hazelbaker, Editor

Publisher: Bridge-Logos

Published: 2016

Paperback: 240 pages

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In about 95 A.D., the only surviving member of Jesus' original twelve apostles, the elderly John, was exiled from Ephesus (in modern Turkey) to the barren Isle of Patmos. While he was there, he experienced a lengthy prophetic vision, and he wrote it down, creating what we now know as the last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation.

David A. Womack completed Approaching Judgment: The Path to Armageddon at the end of his own life, and his purpose was straightforward: He wanted to answer the question, "What did John really say in the Book of Revelation?"

Because the Book of Revelation is so densely replete with layers of symbolism, its alarms and predictions have been interpreted in a variety of ways over the centuries. In Approaching Judgment, the author debunks many of the popular interpretations of the events portrayed in John's account of his heavenly visitation while supplying a wealth of information about its time line of the future and its principal players. He puts aside speculations about names of specific nations and warnings based on current events in favor of looking at the actual words (often in the original Greek) and the symbolic meanings of numbers, colors, and creatures that would have been known in the time of John.

This clearly presented study will recommend itself to students of the Bible from all walks of life.

The book ends with closing remarks by the Editor in which he recounts his relationship with the author and provides a personal account by the author of faith and perseverance in the face of persecution while working as a missionary in Colombia.

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