Weekly Cogs: Christian Thoughts and Cogitations

Author: L. Edward Hazelbaker

Publisher: Credence Publishing

Published: 2016

Paperback: 256 pages

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What will you think about over the next 52 weeks? The cogitations—or cogs—in this book are designed to inspire and guide you on your spiritual journey.

This book consists of 52 articles that can be used as weekly devotions or just thought-provoking readings for encouraging Christian discipleship and spiritual growth. Issues addressed in Weekly Cogs touch us all. Some frustrate or anger us. Others thrill us. But in every instance, considering these things can help us draw closer to the Lord and provide us direction.  Read these cogs at your own pace or use them for a year of weekly devotionals.

Topics include:

Answering the Tough Questions  •  Pride and Rejection  •  Weathering the Storms  •  The Costs of Freedom  •  The Way, the Truth, and the Life  •  Mercy for Others, Mercy for Us  •  Whom Do You Say He Is?  •  Love Is . . .  •  Peace and Goodwill  •  and many more.

The book begins with one of the author's signature introductory poems, titled, "A Poetic Cog." Following is the Introduction in which the Author explains his choice of title and sets the scene for the book's main content.

"I believe we all have an obligation to take what the Lord has given us in the way of beneficial, encouraging, or instructive words and impart them to others.  This is part of our ministry as Christians."
—L. Edward Hazelbaker.

Weekly Cogs is a high-quality paperback with an embossed cover in perfect-binding and durable, bright-white 60# paper.


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