The Holy War - Presented in Modern English

Author: John Bunyan
Carefully translated from the original seventeenth century text and further edited and annotated by
L. Edward Hazelbaker

Publisher: Bridge-Logos

Published: 2016

Paperback: 416 pages

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From the author of The Pilgrim's Progress comes a Classic Struggle for the Human Soul.

When Diabolus occupies the city of Mansoul, Emmanuel, son of King Shaddai, develops and executes a plan to save and restore the city.

Emmanuel says:

You my Mansoul, and the beloved of my heart, many and great are the privileges that I have bestowed upon you. I have singled you out from others and have chosen you to myself—not because of your worthiness, but for my own sake. I also have redeemed you. . . . This I have done because I loved you, and because I have set my heart on you to do you good.

But Diabolus wants Mansoul for himself. A mighty giant, Diabolus, mounts an assault against the famed town of Mansoul—to take it and make it his own habitation. Seeing himself exalted to greatness and honor, he obsesses over how he might be set up as lord over all and have the sole power under Shaddai.

Diabolus and his companions decide to destroy the king's son so his inheritance might be theirs.

This classic allegory by one of the world's best-loved writers illustrates the struggle between good and evil and the battle for the human soul.

Like L. Edward Hazelbaker's previous Pure Gold Classic™, The Pilgrim's Progress in Modern English, this edition of The Holy War extends the life of Bunyan's writings and makes them available to young and old alike in a more understandable form.

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