David A. Womack

David A. Womack's Christian ministry spanned fifty years, during which time he served the Church in several capacities. Besides his ministry in the United States, he and his wife Barbara were missionaries in Colombia, where David also served as pastor of Templo Betel (Bethel Temple). Templo Betel was the largest non-Roman Catholic church in the city of Bogotá.

During his years of ministry, David A. Womack served as pastor, evangelist, and writer, as well as the manager of book publishing and marketing for Gospel Publishing House in Springfield, Missouri. As a writer, Womack's work has appeared in The Writer magazine, and he had several books published by multiple publishers including HarperCollins, Harper & Row, HarperSanFrancisco (now HarperOne), Bethany House, Gospel Publishing House, and Bridge-Logos.

From 1997 to 2008 Womack conducted evangelistic services in many areas of the United States while maintaining a publishing agency and writing his ReAction newsletter/journal. The last months of this faithful minister's life were spent in completing his final manuscript, in which he presents a scholarly examination of the book of Revelation. David A. Womack completed his Christian Pilgrimage on February 25, 2009.



David A. Womack's wife, Barbara (Barbara Volts), whom he married in 1954, has since also passed on to her reward. Their daughters, Joyce and Carol, live in California.


Writing Projects

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Approaching Judgment: The Path to Armageddon
Approaching Judgment: The Path to Armageddon

Approaching Judgment: The Path to Armageddon is David A. Womack's final work. It was published posthumously by Bridge-Logos Publishers in 2015. According to Womack, he was clearly called upon by God and felt burdened to complete this book, and he was able to accomplish that task prior to his passing. In the author's own words:

The whole purpose of this book is to ask: What did John really say in the Book of Revelation? Let's cut out all the misinterpretations caused by human supposition and intuition based wrongly on passing current events and sensationalism and just ask what John's original text means.

Holding a Master of Arts degree in Theology with a concentration on History of Doctrine, David A. Womack calls upon his training and experience in the original Greek of the New Testament as well as Hebrew history in order to answer the question.

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