Empowered to Win

Author: Naomi Damron

Publisher: Tate publishing

Published: 2015

Paperback: 256 pages, 8.5"x11" Study Book

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This is a study designed especially for women.

Do you see yourself as a winner or a loser, confident or afraid? What is holding you back from reaching your full potential as a follower of Jesus Christ? Are you unable to let go of the past and move into the future God has planned for you?

Women are faced with multiple challenges at many stages of life. Challenges exist if you're single or married, a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, or if you are divorced, a single parent or a widow.

Empowered to Win will show how to face life's challenges with courage and faith, no matter what life hands you.

For insight into this book we use an edited excerpt from its preface:

We were planning the Spring Women's Bible Study in our church. There had been a history of successful Bible studies written by several well-known authors on various topics which had blessed, encouraged and matured many women. Our assignment in early January was to select the study of the Lord's choosing for that particular season. We had prayed, and we searched in local Christian book stores and on the internet, yet did not have clear direction.

During a brief conversation on the phone with one of the other leaders—and with no new possibilities to consider—we prayed again and asked our Father to guide us by His Spirit into His perfect will. Immediately after the phone was back on the hook I had what I call "a Ten Minute Adventure with Jesus." In those ten minutes He gave me the title of this book, Empowered to Win, the titles for eight weekly sessions, plus the titles of the five studies for each week.

I quickly grabbed a pen and paper and began writing. I was astounded! I sat down and stared at what I had written, hardly believing my own eyes. "Is this really happening to me?" I asked myself. "Is this the reason we had been unable to make a decision." After spending some time praising and thanking the Lord for what I believed to be His direction, I called my friend, who agreed that this was God's direction for our group.

Please know, before that day, writing a Bible study had never even crossed my mind. However, on that day in early January it seemed as if the Lord was saying, "I've given you the outline, now you fill in the blanks."

Join Naomi Damron in praying that you will be blessed by His Word during this study as she was—and as others have been since—as she was simultaneously writing and teaching the lessons in Empowered to Win.